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Wisdom Principal Financial was created from the direct experiences of its founder Toni Johnson Cormier.  After being laid off on multiple occasions as a single mother whose retirement had run out, Toni found herself at a crossroads.  Like most Americans she had leaned on her family where she could, by moving in with her parents and facing the uncertainty of each day while depending on others.  Toni found herself in the realization one day that it was her and God, she leaned on God daily for the strength to get up and face each day.  Additionally, she began to find herself asking the question how she got to this place and what could she do to ensure she would never be here again.  It was in this place that, Wisdom Principal Financial, was born. While Toni had a consulting business prior to Wisdom Principal Financial, it lacked the vision she had received for Wisdom Principal Financial.  This vision ensured success as her steps were ordered by the Lord with an expected end.  

During her time of praying, fasting and consecration it was revealed that Toni lacked the knowledge needed to ensure she would never be in this place of financial lack and uncertainty.  While you can’t always know or control what happens in life you can be better prepared for the uncertainties life can threw your way.  Prime example, like most Americans Toni only had insurance and financial vehicles that were tied to her employment.  Once she was laid-off the access to those vehicles were either eliminated altogether or were financially out of her reach.  Proverbs 4:7 became profound for Toni and the tagline for Wisdom Principal Financial, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding”.   It is the mission of Wisdom Principal Financial to ensure that every person we come in contact with walks away with more knowledge then before our encounter; as such, the knowledge they gain can never be taken away but can be used to propel them to a place that allows their voice to be heard, their vision to be brought into focus and their victories possible.

Wisdom Principal Financial is a social enterprise that focuses on meeting the needs of the community by providing financial literacy programs and services to public schools, public libraries, universities, small businesses, churches and other members of the community.  Our financial literacy programs go beyond the norm of that of financial institutions; with a goal to arm every client with the knowledge to successfully make decisions that impact their lives for the long-term. Financial literacy while integral is just half of the services we provide.  If a client feels they are in need of insurance coverage; whether, medical, life, dental, etc… we provide a free “Pocket Book” review.  This review allows for the client to become fully aware of the current coverage they have and lays the foundation for financial literacy where needed.  This part of the Wisdom Principal Financial process, plays a huge part in ensuring members of the community are armed with the knowledge to make appropriate decisions that will impact their lives currently and for the future.  As a brokerage firm, Wisdom Principal Financial, has access to a multitude of insurance products and is not obligated to the insurance carriers but works to find the best fit for each client.  Ensuring that each community member has a voice in how their livewell visions are lived out.   


It is Toni’s belief that by providing a complete cycle of services that meets the needs of the community with a foundation of education and access members of the community can experience long-term success.  This long-term success will provide a positive impact on the community as a whole.

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